One year(what a change in me)

I am 22lbs lighter than I was a year ago.One year ago I weighed 201 lbs. I didn’t know the person I looked at in the mirror.I had let myself GO!I was always reaching for comfort foods. This week Im eating clean.My typical day foods were whatever I could find…..Breakfast oatmeal(not too bad) snack: candy bar and coffee no lunch,snack spaghetti mac n cheese sweet tea. Dinner Cheeseburger mac n cheese again ,spaghetti and ice cream shake. WOW!

These days its Breakfast   turkey bacon, 2 slices of wheat bread, 1 egg, and green tea or coffee no sugar. snack : apple and all natural peanut butter lunch: tuna,spinach,tomato,lettuce and water  snack protein shake Dinner Chicken, broccoli w/parmesan cheese.

Im actually eating more …….

I know Im addicted to sodas so Im drinking a lot less.I haven’t had one in 6 days.Ihave made it to 11 days before.

Since last year Ive lost 8 inches I know about.But probably more than that since I know my face,fingers and feet are getting leaner.Im doing this for me this time all the other times I had it wrong.I always felt like a failure.But today I am a winner! I will reach my goal.CAUSE I CAN!!!!


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