I love Me!!

Good morning ,hope all ya’ll had a great Father’s day!!!! I did eat a little too much yesterday. But today is another day!!!! And its Monday!!!!! The day everyone says, they’ll start on!!!!!! But for me, Its no starting or stopping day. Everyday is the day to be healthy…….. That doesn’t mean I wont make pour choices sometimes.(Like those Dill Pickle chips from church yesterday , and coke) But I will aim to make healthy choices atleast 90% of the time. The occasional fat food isn’t what made me overweight. It was what I ate all the time,and add in very little or NO exercise. And that’s what you get Overweight. I’m so thankful I am better than I used to be. And everyday I’m getting better. And it wont happen overnight, I didn’t gain overnight either. It was gradual and over a period of time and years. But today I love my body, it isn’t perfect, but its mine. I haven’t always loved it and it shows. I’ve had a very low self esteem and have done ALOT of negative self talk. But I’ve changed. And my body will follow this……..I now believe in me whether anyone else does of not. 🙂 I finally love me and its a great feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all have a good day! Guess I’ll count this as a non scale victory………


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